Real sex shoot by web camera

Other actors, like Kirsten Dunst, would rather not dwell on it—so they will "get it done quick" in just a few takes. Funny enough, when you're actually shooting it and you've got a whole crew around you, it's remarkably normal.However, the odd thing that [director David Fincher] asked us to do was rehearse this scene for two hours, alone, on an empty soundstage—just [Neil Patrick Harris] and myself," she says on is when it feels highly inappropriate.

I enjoy doing what I do — most of the time, anyway.

In Porn Valley [San Fernando Valley] we refer to "normal" people as Civilians.

Trying to date a Civilian — whether you're directing dirty movies or starring in them — is very difficult.

I was really naive getting into the biz when it came to this.

I really didn't think women I may have an interest in would care if I'm holding a camera while a couple has sex, but they do.

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