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I can't recommend at all until they fix this problem. I have read through two years of Quicken reviews on this website. It can be difficult to figure out how to do some things and generate certain reports as the process can be rather circuitous.I have used many sophisticated software packages over a long career in finance.I consider myself to be a very competent and experienced user of financial software and online services. I have been getting error messages when trying to download my Fidelity account.I called the Quicken help desk and the tech rep had no clue.I do an update, and do it again, the bank balance is not carried over to Quicken. Since then font size varies with every window opened up. When using their LARGE font app to correct for small font size windows and returning to regular use all columns need to be reformatted again.What use to be an intuitive easy to use program is now a nightmare. Quicken has gone way downhill since being sold by Intuit to a private equity firm. Cut costs to the bone to improve profitability at the expense of users so they can put lipstick on this pig and sell it to someone else or do a stock IPO. The result is a convoluted menu system that is difficult to navigate as it is not intuitive.In recent years Quicken has taken a nose dive, for the worst.

After the phone call I googled Quicken Bill Pay reviews. I pretty much said what was you read in previous reviews. All I have to say is unacceptable and I'm a software engineer so understand all too well what is acceptable and what is not.When I called Fidelity help I was immediately told that there is a problem with Quicken and given a target date for when they hope to have it resolved.If they are depending upon help from Quicken, I doubt that they will be able to hit that target as I have already been trying to address this problem for over a week.I have been using Quicken since 1993, and Quicken Bill Pay for more than 20 years.My bank account was recently hacked, and for the last 2 months, I have been trying to get the new account, opened immediately after the hack, confirmed as the funding account so I can continue to use the otherwise convenient Bill Pay service directly through Quicken.

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