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This should be easier and more reliable than having to manually edit some Javascript file which will probably just be reset after the next system package update.

Presumably, the devs will alter or remove this option as well, so the better long term solution is probably to abandon Firefox altogether and use a browser that respects your privacy and doesn't force you to auto-update against your will.

option, which specifies the time between auto-updates in seconds.

If you set it to some arbitrarily large number, like 432000000, you could make Firefox wait for years, effectively disabling updates.

Turns out my Kaspersky Total Security software was set to check and update apps automatically. So, if somebody like me, wants to revert back to v.56 without uninstalling and reinstalling a fresh copy, and then prevent automatic updates to v.57, please continue reading.

After looking around to find the best solution to revert back, it seems that the old version can be safely installed on top of the new without losing any settings or add-ons (based on this post).

It seems that I lost all but the current tab group which I'm not very happy about...

the session manager and the tab group add-on which I use extensively.I believe a method to prevent upgrade when launching your firefox is to disconnect your computer both from wired and wireless connection before launching and delete upgrade folder, then you can change the config.Also, according to report, Firefox would check for update when you lick the about firefox page even when automatic update is off so that should be avoided.---- ''' However, before you go that route, here are a few tips to make FF4 look like the previous version'''.* Right click a blank part of the tab bar and click "Tabs on top" to remove the checkmark.

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