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Junior partners often get this and are coming to us with ideas.Senior partners, in their defense, are often too rich to care!JB: Is this collaboration a model of things to come? There is great opportunity for firms who are getting cut out of the delivery of legal services, because they can’t price their work rationally, the client has increased their in-house capabilities, the client comes directly to companies like ours, or some combination of the above.It’s a shame, because while we can do wonderful legal process work, we can’t offer legal opinions and advice.) On the complete opposite side, you have to find your own voice and style to succeed in a business like this.

Brian Finch: While Biglaw firms have a lot to offer, the reality is that we cannot be everything to everyone.It was the brainchild of my colleague Christy Weisner (a UVA Law grad and former Mayer Brown associate) and the co-chair of Pillsbury’s Cybersecurity Task Force, Brian Finch.The alliance combines the legal support heft of my company, Thomson Reuters Legal Managed Services (f/k/a legal outsourcing company Pangea3) with the superior legal know-how of Biglaw powerhouse Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw & Pitman LLP.They need the help of other companies like Fire Eye and TR to understand what is going on and how to manage their legal obligations.JB: Last question, Christy — for all those Biglaw associates and partners thinking of taking the plunge, tell me about your experience on the alt.legal side CW: Frankly, it was scary at first.

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Christy was, coincidentally, my very first recruit to the alt.legal community, so I was proud to see her working alongside innovators in Biglaw to craft new solutions for new problems.

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