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Elektro: A pumping club playing electronic music, this spot is huge and draws some big names to perform. Just know – this is more of a “megaclub” type of place and can be a shit show from time to time. Babe 18: You won’t meet the cutest girls in Taipei in Babe 18. This would ensure she was a loyal girlfriend, which is what many of the expats here have seemed to found. They aren’t as underrated as Indonesian girls, but they’re quite fun and sexy.

However, they will be interested in foreigners and the music rocks. I met a few Taiwanese women who loved foreigners in this spot, so it’s worth checking out. If you enjoy nightlife, then Taipei could be an ideal city for you to spend a month or so.

Here’s what I previously wrote on the topic: Nightlife in Taipei, Taiwan: So why do people come to Taipei? There are a million and one options to party in Taipei, but we’ll keep things simple here. It’s easy to talk to and hit on 15-20 chicks a night in Taiwan. But you’ll need to bring some Western-style game or she’ll swiftly shut you down.

On any given weekend, you’ll want to check out: Omni: You should start your partying in Taipei at Omni. You can meet some really fine Taiwanese women here, and they’ll be interested in foreigners. There’s no Taiwanese guy guarding his group on most nights. While I had some amazing success in the clubs in Taipei, I also had some brutal blowouts that I was not expecting whatsoever. I didn’t come close to a true girlfriend in the country, but from what I observed – many an expat was happy with his Taiwanese girlfriend.

The average may not be great here, but the high-end Taipei chicks are tough to beat in SEA. It could be a great supplement to your Tinder efforts. The whole “losing face” thing plays into the interaction here. Try out the malls, universities, or my favorite spot – the Taipei Main Station.

These girls grow up idolizing Disney stars and love Western culture. If you want to make sweet sexy time with the top tier in Taiwan, you’ll need a nice place in the center and good style. But they don’t drink as much as women from other cultures around the world. Just know there’s no concern if she only has one or two drinks the whole night out.There are a dozen or so cities in the Philippines that you could meet and date some cute girls. You don’t have a plethora of cities in Taiwan where a Western man will have great dating options.Taipei is where you’ll want to focus your efforts and time.If you can get into KOR (inside Omni), then you may meet some high-class chicks. You gotta take the good with the bad when meeting Taiwanese girls at night. While Tinder and nightlife yield lots of opportunities to meet Taiwan chicks, I wouldn’t bet on these girls being great material for a girlfriend.However, I found the girls in KOR to be a little more difficult. If you want that, you’ll need to find the Taipei day game hack. For girls who like white guys, but haven’t met many – you could be her dream.

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