Online dating when to go exclusive

If they just wrote something like “I like drinking and football”, it was easy enough for me to swipe left.

Whereas if they said, “I like learning German and I’ve been to Germany twice,” then fab, yes, I can start with that.

I did the same, slowly filtering out people who didn’t interest me.

But then I grew up, and became an adult, in the 2010s.

These are also general things, and don’t give me any sense of that person’s true self, but is enough of a starting point to proceed — I like languages, so this person wins out.

It sounds a little cold, but it is a kind of quick calculation about the likelihood of your getting along.

But by the same token, you can get insight into the general values/ideals of the person in question.

For me, the more specific and random the details included, the better, because this was an easier way to filter out generic sports dudes (sorry, generic sports dudes, I’m just not into it).

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