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Most interactions play out like this one: On Monday night, a guy she matched with on Hinge suggested they text.They exchanged small talk for an hour, planning to meet up that Wednesday.Bettis, a 31-year-old lawyer who lives in Francisville, said he wants to feel the “magic-making” of a serendipitous meeting. “It’s a lot easier to make a move in a way that society says is acceptable now, which is a message,” said Philadelphia-based matchmaker Erika Kaplan, “rather than making a move by approaching someone in a bar to say hello.It’s just not as common anymore.” In 2017, more singles met their most recent first date on the internet — 40 percent — than “through a friend” or “at a bar” combined, according to results from the Singles in America survey, a survey of 5,000 people nationwide.Thomas Edwards, a dating coach known as the “Professional Wingman,” said that when singles don’t practice this, they “develop a lack of skill set and more fear of rejection,” he said.“And, honestly, we become lazy.” Will, a 26-year-old CPA who lives in Fishtown and asked to use only his first name so he could speak freely about his dating experiences, said about 80 percent of the first dates he’s been on since college were with women he met on dating apps.

If he’s in a public place, he’ll approach a woman only “if it seems like I’m not invading somebody’s personal space or privacy." Edwards said the men he coaches are more confused than ever about talking to women.

Iversen says: “If the other person shows no interest in meeting face-to-face then it may be time to scale back your contact with them and focus on conversations with other people.“Equally, if you are the one holding back from taking things further, then you need to ask yourself why.

Is it the other person you have qualms about, or is it yourself?

Technology has changed how people are introduced, and fewer people meet in public places that were once playgrounds for singles.

At the same time, awareness of what is and isn’t sexual harassment has left people cautious about come-ons that were once seen as cute and are now called out as creepy.

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She said she spends a combined $65.97 in membership fees and a little over an hour each day (up to seven hours a week) sifting through potential matches.

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