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At age 9, she started creating lyrics for her homespun melodies, and she has been going full-speed ever since.All this talent didn’t go undiscovered for long, and by age 19, AURORA released her first full-length album.She talked about the meaning of her songs, but also about how she was feeling at the moment: her jetlag, her death-like exhaustion, the energy of the crowd, her love for them, and the rebirth gained onstage: “I love you all so much,” she said. “We love you, Aurora,” was heard over and over, as fans waved Valentine hearts and rainbow flags to her.Love and sexuality are predominant themes in AURORA’s songs, and she has a special connection to the LBGTQ community.Sweet and vulnerable are also adjectives that can serve to describe the singer’s voice: it is clear and sweet, youthful and pure.She is able to hit high tones with crystal-clear precision, yet the singer commands a wide range going down into the mezzo register.

Stepping into Seattle’s Showbox Theater is like stepping back into time with its famous art deco interior dating back to 1939.

This connection between performer and audience is deepened when the singer speaks directly to them in her soft, sing-song voice.

Like a lover, she reveals her innermost feelings onstage.

Without a trace of make-up and her light blond hair chopped into a pageboy with signature braids straight out of the Viking Age, AURORA’s appearance is unmistakably Nordic.

She has a distinct look all her own: natural, sweet and vulnerable, even childlike.

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