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" /The group has mostly respectful working relationships despite very different personalities.

Two out of three regular female characters are strong and ambitious and admired by their co-workers.

She suggests that it be written off as workman's comp, even though it wasn't technically work-related; Joe agrees to the plan to corroborate the story.

Jimmy sees through the story and is concerned about OSHA getting on him, but is also worried about the legal precedent that would be set by paying the medical bills outright.

He insists on having his lawyer, Roger, talk to Matthew at his home.

Despite initially claiming ignorance on the report topics, he reveals that the station will have to fine him for what he said on air.Flirting and sexual innuendoes accompany workplace romances.Characters occasionally have sex (all off-screen) in the office.Jimmy snags Matthew first; having changed his mind with the OSHA guy around, he and Roger ask Matthew to lie.He initially refuses until Roger calls him out for having lied on his job application regarding details of his previous employment.

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