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Singles on Beyond Chai range in age from 22 to 65 and include clients who are single, divorced, and divorced with children.Beyond Chai serves Muslims of all ethnic backgrounds who live in the United States and Canada.“We share their vulnerabilities because we have been through what they are going through one way or another.” The matchmakers aim to foster a bond with clients through consistency, communication, respect, honesty, and trust.

We also use social media because we see a lot of Muslim websites and Facebook pages that do the matrimonial side,” Shradha said. We work together as a team and also consult with external matchmakers to find the most compatible match for our clients.” Most of the matchmakers with Beyond Chai have shared experiences with clients.

“Marriage is an important part of our community throughout the world.

To find the person to love, cherish, and respect you, and have it reciprocated, is really important,” Shradha told us. With other services, you can look at a bunch of profiles, but we focus on sharing one profile at a time.

Most are now happily married, but they’ve been in many of the same situations, so they understand their clients’ frustrations and concerns. In fact, Beyond Chai matchmakers consider themselves the client’s first match.

“We really focus on customer service and experience and we believe that by creating that authentic connection with our clients we can help them in a unique way,” Shradha said.

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