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Please fix it, so I can access my photo library without having to turn off the speech.One more thing, I do not like having to pay to message anyone.Hi my names kevin i just moved to the philppines 2wks now still trying to learn tagologe i was born here in the philippines in cavite 29yrs old for the states lived there for 26yrs now i come back to find what ..

It’s fine to do that, however, I wanted to respond to a few of the men that messaged me yesterday, however, I’m going to be waiting until I receive more funds to pay to message anyone.

• Our Privacy Policy can be viewed at https:// Page/privacypolicy • Our Terms of Use can be viewed at https:// Page/terms This app is not all that accessible for me, as a blind user.

I can’t even access my photos without having to turn the speech off to guess which photo to upload. I just do not find it to be all that friendly in the photo department.

I'm moving to the Philippines from Australia in April.

I will be working there as part of an Australian Government funded program to help Philippine farmers ;-).

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This app forces you to pay for membership to utilize basic features like seeing messages sent to you and responding.

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