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A man who treats me like a child when we fight and have an argument is not a man I want to be with. It's when he scolds you, shames you, or makes you feel like a small child when you have 'done something wrong', and that is how he will put it too. Again, I don't care if the guy is older or not, but this is one of those things that I have no patience for. I think this comes from their experience and they may not mean this to be negative, as it is more like they are trying to protect you.

Some men are very controlling in a way that is clearly abusive.

Some of the 'red flags' or cons of a relationship should automatically tell you to run.

Here I have listed the most common cons I have found about dating older men. I hope this helps you decide whether the man you're dating is worth staying with, or if the downside is just too much to bear.

In that case, I'm not sure I would bother with them.

If this is a pet-peeve of yours, then I would say that my advice would be to take a closer look and maybe even talk to him about it.

Older men have their routine, and they know what they like and what they don't.

Don't think that you will burst into his life and that he will stop everything and change for you.

At this point, they already have gone to college, have an established career, and are now ready for a wife and family.

If you are looking to settle down, you will have better luck with an older man than a guy in his 20s.

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