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He was informed many times that I was not his girlfriend, even if we both love Star Wars.

Finally, he touched me, grabbed my arm, and told me that I needed to go out with him after work.

He's a sweetheart but I didn't get any emotional support or comfort Hmm, I am a girl on the autistic spectrum, and I think I am fairly romantic.

In a relationship I made drawings and cards and wrote love letters and poems for him.

”It's really difficult :( I couldn't do it.

Most I could handle was a year and it really started taking a toll on me. I tried self medicating with marijuana and soon I just snapped and had a bad mental breakdown.

He was pretty highly functional, I thought, so ok, let's see where this goes.

We stayed in touch and texted every day for a few weeks after; I was in the middle of moving so our second date was set for a few weeks away.

He was very direct about how he felt, he did not mess around and play games.

However, he showed WAY too much affection way too quickly - "good morning beautiful" at 7am two days after our first date, offering to buy me way over-the-top presents. It also made me very uncomfortable that when I rejected certain advances (specifically said NO when he asked if I wanted a certain gift) and he would ask "But can we do it anyway? If he couldn't respect that, after one date, I wasn't comfortable doing a "holiday themed couple's portrait", yet pressured me anyway - would he also pressure me to have sex or do anything else that I really, truly wasn't comfortable with?

I ended up cancelling our second date because I did not feel comfortable with this guy.

I am not trying to say that all individuals with autism / Asperger's will pressure (potential) partners in any way.

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I don’t think I would reject anyone for that reason alone.

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