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In 2012, Lindsay told the Mail Online: “Two toxic people cannot be together. Names to appear on the piece of paper included actors Zac Efron, James Franco and Joaquin Phoenix as well as singer Justin Timberlake.

A diary reportedly written by Lindsay has revealed the actress was ‘in love’ with actor Heath at the time of his tragic death.

It was a tumultuous weekend between Li-Lo, 30, and her rumoured fiancé – the 23-year-old Russian millionaire, Egor, who she has been dating since 2015.

The couple first fell out on holiday earlier this month, when the Mean Girls actress threw his phone into the water at a beach club, after finding a ‘suspicious text’.

We both like to party a lot and it makes things tempestuous.” Calum also admitted that he wasn’t the best boyfriend, and used to flirt with other girls in front of the Mean Girls actress.

But no, I’m not dating right now.’ The actress also told Piers Morgan in 2013 that despite previously dating Sam Ronson, she knows she is straight.

Lindsay and Hillary had a bit of a feud over the affair, with Hillary saying in one TV interview: “I’m not here to talk bad about her, like she talks about me all the time.” Lindsay was 18 and Wilmer, of That 70s Show Fame, was 24 when they went public, although they reportedly got together a year earlier.

Thinks first turned sour for Lindsay during this relationship – and was taken to hospital for exhaustion and a high fever. "But then she announced she was tired, pulled one of those airplane eye-masks over her eyes and went to sleep.

This particular relationship was never confirmed, and Kylie and Kendal’s big bro Brody was dating Cora Skinner at around the same time – telling the press she had even met the parents. They’re actually sweet together, so it would be nice if she kept him around.” Li-Lo and British DJ Sam-Ro dated for two years – and Lindsay has since described the relationship as ‘toxic’.

However a source told People magazine at the time: “She likes him. Lindsay has since said she didn’t think the pair were ever right for each other, although they were deeply in love. That’s how it started so I think that’s how it was meant to be.” In 2014, In Touch magazine got its hands on a list Lindsay had reportedly written of all her famous male conquests.

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