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It was a safe space to explore where these voices originated, why they were there, and how I let this kept me from living a life of purpose and extraordinary amazement and fulfillment.

The stories we tell ourselves feel so real that we think it can’t be any other way, and that we are prisoners of our past and circumstances, but in actual fact, it is all created in our thoughts and language, and we have a choice.

I’m not going to lie, I was highly skeptical and suspicious but trusted my then girlfriend so signed up. If you’re showing up with zero interest in being open minded to the experience, it’s probably going to suck for you. I went from working 80 hrs a week to a manageable 45-50, which is a big deal in my world.

Ten years prior someone else had suggested I check it out but I wasn’t open to it at all. My business doubled within 6 weeks and I attribute it mostly to my immense shift in leadership.

That alone was worth the weekend, the money, and parking my skepticism and doubt and just giving it my all. I think its for you to discover if you so feel inclined. You don’t need to have baggage, issues or problems of any kind to do this.

Just an openness to discovering some pretty cool stuff about yourself that’ll impact your life in some pretty spectacular ways.

When you create a space around you that pulls for miracles and serendipitous moments, guess what shows up?

I have surviving down, but fully-expressed love and gusto in life?

The weekend forum was a rude awakening into how I operated in life.

Imagine holding up a mirror for 3.5 days and discovering things that you had never seen before, and seeing the patterns of self-limiting beliefs and self-imposed punishment.

The program I’m in now is a 10 week seminar – 3 hours a week, called “Be Here Now”….

it is about Living an Upset free life and its working …..

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I find that I am interacting with people powerfully and hearing their concerns and upsets with no reaction or upset where I am. Rachel L Reliable for delivering breakthroughs and actionable insights in the areas of life that you are personally interested in.

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