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Some sources state that these people had 92 tribes such as Baghlan or Baghan, Ghariband Jit, and Qanghli.Their main language is the Uzbek language, which belongs to the Karluk group and written in scripts like Latin, Cyrillic, and Arabic.

Kyrgyzstan is a blessed country with a long history.From them, the secrets of the snow-capped peaks of the celestial mountains, the freshness of lakes, waterfalls and the splendor of beautiful fertile valleys are blowing.The special beauty of the Kyrgyzstan is not rumors, but reality.The religion was introduced in the region back in the 7th and 8th centuries by Muslim traders.Census data from all the way in 1926 shows that their population has been increasing steadily from 661,171 (66.6%) in 1926 to the current population of 4.6 million.

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This population is spread out over a number of ethnic groups both native and foreign to Asia.

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