Korean american dating culture

However, culture and traditional values of the region still bind these two countries with each other.

The Korean language is spoken in both the countries and a similar family system is followed in both countries.

Let us have a look at different Korean etiquette in this section of the article.

Bowing is equivalent to the handshake in Korean culture.

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Until 1948, Korea was a single country on the world map but political unrest resulted in a division of the region into two countries with different political ideologies.

Buddhism is the main religion in Korea and its teachings reflect in Korean lifestyle, culture and arts.

Numerous Buddhist statues, monuments and temples have been included in the National Treasure and Monument list by the government.

It is worn in marriage ceremonies, family functions and traditional festivals.Gifts have remained an integral part of their culture; however, gifts are always given according to the capacity and affordability of the other person because Koreans firmly believe in reciprocating.The quantity or numbers also add value to your gifts; seven is considered as a lucky number so anything in multiples of seven will be accepted heartily.Bowing means showing gratitude and respect to the person you are meeting with.The younger generations have blended the western culture with their native culture by shaking hands after bowing to each other.

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