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Dating apps are filtered in Iran, so those are not really easy to reach,” says Tahereh, a 26-year-old Tehrani girl currently studying in Luxemburg. It seems like there is absolutely no difference compared to the Western world. “When boys and girls go out, they often experience some kind of fear.

If a man and a woman go out and they are not officially related, which means they are not family members, nor husband and wife, the police can ask them to clarify their relationship,” explains Sadeq, a 27-year-old Mashadi. The police are mostly checking younger guys,” continues Sadeq.

She rejected me, because I did not act like a gentleman.

She just did not fancy the way I handled the situation.

Although as a person who has grown up in an open-minded family, most of the Iranians I have seen and interacted with were belonged to the second category, the number of people who belonged to the first category is significant enough to be taken into account.

It should be mentioned that most of the Iranians do fit in one these categories, however, there are many other families who were traditional but are moving toward being considered as a modern families.

I think you are more familiar with these families than the previous category.

Later, as dating goes on, also to the mountains, national parks or beaches”, acknowledged all my Iranian friends. “There are many opportunities from universities to workplaces, through families, friends, parties and social media – mostly Instagram.This is the question a Persian woman might ask after dating a man for a while Although nobody can set a rule whether a man is in love or not. I met one who has been in the US for several years and he seems interested in me.My experience comes from socializing a lot with Iranians and dating an Iranian outside his home country.Some young Iranians date for many years without getting married. Still, they can not move together if they are not married.

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Iran is a wonderful country with rich history, stunning architecture, breathtaking nature, kind and helpful people, though with loads of strict rules controlling social life.

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