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Regards, Silvio Bierman Maybe you should read Silvio's reply a little more closely.If you truly call session.invalidate(), then the session is gone. In first request I delete all attributes of a session and invalidate it.This applies to It took me a while to figure out how to destroy a particular session in php.Note I'm not sure if solution provided below is perfect but it seems work for me.ASPXAUTH=;") but nothing seems to be implemented and/or working for doing so in the server side.The final idea is that if someone steels that ticket In particular, I'm working in C# but as it's rellated to the Dotnet Framework any implementation of the solution would be OK; I tried all the possible things and nothing worked out, even invalidating the session but nothing. You are using authentication mode as forms right thats why your ticket is named .

Using generic php session methods to delete a particular session(by session id).

To use the session variables again, may be used for that. You do not have to remove obsolete session ID cookie because session module will not accept session ID cookie when there is no data associated to the session ID and set new session ID cookie.

Enabling session.use_strict_mode is recommended for all sites.

I try to implement a web page for disconnection to delete the user data (password, credit card), but if the user presses back after the disconnection page it recovers the data.

"Silvio Bierman" Invalidating a session is server-side logic, the back-button is purely client-side logic.

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