How to be a player dating guides for women

However, in case your guy hesitates to go online or read his notification messages in front of you, or even he has locked his social media profile from you, there is surely something fishy. Read More: How To Build Trust In A Relationship – 10 Helpful Tips You know that he is following some hot girls on social media network, he is definitely suspect.

No guy wastes his time scrolling through girls’ photos if he is not trying or hoping to get something with her. When you hear something bad about a guy who you are going out with, believe them.

He should spend this time on photos of you, his girlfriend, not some hot girls who would not give him the time of day. If someone who knows your guy well is telling you that he is a bad person, it may be as he is.

They are not trying to feed you this bad information as they are jealous. They may know this guy is a player and they want to warn you about your guy’s true color.

He will introduce you to his friend with the pride and say something like” Is not my girlfriend a bomb-shell?

” I guess that you want a guy who loves you and respects you, not who is haunted by your figure. Learn More: How To Break Up Gracefully With Someone – 14 Tips Are Exposed It is okay when some people want to get the privacy.

He will be proud of finding you and tell them how lucky he is.

However, in case your guy who you are dating does not open up to you.

In case he does not want to be a big part of your life, it is because he does not want to make a relationship too serious.

That said, in case you rush him into seeing your family and your friends after just a couple of dating weeks, you may be too fast.

He often tells you different stories about his past whenever the topic comes up.

He always talks to you like the way he is flirting, perhaps, he is not really interested in you and is playing with you.

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