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It did well in the US but plateaued in the more secular UK, where the religious overtones smacked of patriarchal judgement.

‘At Match we did something similar, but we didn’t say there was a formula and we didn’t come with a religious agenda.

Digital dating apps meant that, instead of trundling home after work and sitting sadly at your desktop, looking at awkwardly posed photos of ladies who may well be 100 miles away but shared your love of autumn walks and box sets of Friends, it was easy to upload pictures and to check in casually in the back of a taxi while you were going somewhere – metaphorically and literally. She’s the digital native who doesn’t discern between IRL (in real life) and virtual. ‘Dating online has become more like an awesome private members’ club with an awesome singles scene,’ Davis adds.

‘I don’t even bother thinking about relationships in the way that I thought I would when I was in my teens,’ she says. ‘It used to be embarrassing, but now you have people proud to say, “I’m glad I swiped right.” There is nothing weird about it.’ But tell us there’s nothing weird about PokéDates – an app that lets people search for hook-ups or potential life partners while playing Pokémon GO – and we’ll tell you you’re weird, or a Millennial.

‘But in the UK it really wasn’t anything you could admit to until the bubble made the internet a more acceptable place to be for professional people.Then, Match and the other dating websites were basically like the classified ads in the back of the paper.There were no smart algorithms designed to pair the compatible, there was just a bigger pool to pick from.Unlike the hook-up, ‘The One’ is a sweet and nice idea, and this is what e Harmony promised to find – if you paid them money and answered 400 questions.Started by an evangelical Christian in 2000, ‘it was the first to dig deeper, with richer psychometric profiling and the promise of a special sauce – an algorithm that judged who was right or wrong for you’, says Thombre.

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