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I'm working at Dream Works animation so I have a little office over there now and I go over and work on my film. I went in an pitched [Dream Works co-founder Jeffrey] Katzenberg an idea for a feature and he loved it and bought it. They basically bring me artists and then I just work with the artists. I do feel very lucky that I've really been able to tap into all the mediums that I had my eye on, which is all of them. So we're in the early stages of development, designing characters and things like that. HW: I'm helping to design the characters but what's great about Dream Works is they have such a huge team in place. HW: It's set for 2010 because obviously with a CGI movie, these movies are a 3-4-year process. He did that movie, The Wild, which came out earlier this year. We did it in Celine Dion's theatre at Caesar's Palace. He said he's heard her fart a whole bunch of times (laughs).

I think they're still a little bit mystified at how I've made a career out of, "What?

It's going to really widen your fan base and a lot of people are going to see it." And taking that I kinda went, "You know, I've played a guy on Mars, I've played a cop drinking pee, I've played a serial killer in There's Something About Mary. They are just roles." And so I kind of justified it that way. I look back on it and I've had a lot of kids come up to me in the streets and go, "Hey, man, thanks to you I got into the bud." I'm like, "I don't really like that." So it was a bit of a mixed thing for me. GM: With your unique face, you must get recognized a lot. GM: You're not alienating people with your standup. I want to just totally create my own thing." GM: You're not being political or anything like that. I mean, I do touch on political things a little bit, but when I do I keep them fun. Because I feel like I get the answer right then and there. It's like drowning and you've got to claw your way to the top to get air. Unless they're subliminal and I'm not aware of them. Unless I'm working with them at the club I honestly do stay away from that. You can say whatever you want and move however you want and react however you want. GM: But would you describe it generally as the same type of material? But back then I wasn't talking about things like 9/11 or things like that. GM: I interrupted you about what you do on an average day.

And they actually say things like, "I love you, dude." You just go wow, what an honour to, just by existing, bring that to people. Every now and then you get someone that's a little too overzealous or aggressive or rude, but outside of those moments it's really nice. "I always saw standup comedy like art, you know, where you look at Da Vinci or Van Gogh or Dali or whoever. And I always thought I don't want to watch other comics and be influenced. Even though I could, I don't want to comment on George Bush or the prime minister. I want people to see something that maybe they won't see everyday or hear something they won't hear everyday. Not anyone, but I think I could go through the headlines and twist them around and make them funny but it's like, okay, you're talking about a referendum or you're talking about child welfare and I'd rather hear about a guy who puts mushrooms on his dog and teaches him how to make an omelette, or something, you know? It's kind of a stupid way to write but that's how I like to do it. I don't recommend it for the faint of heart but for me it does the job. I always saw standup comedy like art, you know, where you look at Da Vinci or Van Gogh or Dali or whoever. And I always thought I don't want to watch other comics and be influenced. So although there are comics I enjoy, I don't think I have any influences. And in terms of my material, I'm always updating material. I still do the thing where I love to talk to the crowd.

I started dating this new girl and she insisted on watching it with me. It's the first time I'd watched it in probably like six years.

HW: You know, I don't watch it ever and I actually watched it about a month ago.

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