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Load("doc1.xml") Dim x Doc2 As XDocument = XDocument.Often, the code works on the local developement machine with no problem.Data Row View) 'Create Answer object to save values Dim a As Answer = New Answer a.Do I have to explicitly command the Session.remove("name") I have a site with loads of pages with Ajax tabbed containers on them.Any ideas I have 2 xml documents that I need to find the difference and then save it back to an xml file.Descendants("Contact")) 'Tried this but It blew up.Code: Current Shifts Plz,can any1 help me out Am developing a web app and after verifying the User's ID and password from the database,am using Forms Authentication.

Data Bind() End Sub Code: questions is how do i allow paging on this.Are you aware what might cause the directory info members to return nothing after it works for a while, or the opposit, meaning, it doesn t work first, and all of a sudden, it starts working.Tags: funny dating headline menrichard datingchace crawford dating 2016do dating sites work yahoo answers Sex xxx online iseal Online horny chatting with male nowdating for marriage comdating pregnancy with ultrasound Punjab sax xxx cam It provides the feature of reflecting the changes made to a Data Set or an instance of the SQL server data.0, the Db Data Adapter exposes an Update Batch Size property.Any records the do not fall withing authorized cost code will not be selected or shown.I tried to stuff it into an XDocument, but got a conversion error.

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