Google news gadget not updating

This saves visual real estate while collecting disparate information on the same topic in the same view.

Gadgets also allow you to include dynamic content that would otherwise be prevented by Sites security checks.

Just remember, your gadget will have to be published in a public directory to be selected.

Otherwise, users must embed it by directly inserting its URL.

Therefore, the best way to debug your gadget is to test it in the context of an actual Google Site.

Try switching between various Sites themes to ensure your gadget appears correctly in each.

That means as a gadget developer you can leverage the Sites API to build engaging tools for other Web developers and their audiences, as well for your own use.

So now you know Sites is a great distribution platform for your gadget, what are you waiting for? Generically, gadgets are small utilities that generate or pull external information into web pages.

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Some gadgets are no more than that, iframes that pass through information from another web site.

More advanced gadgets collect dynamic content and provide for interactive applications within your Sites pages. Gadgets consist of the following components: Gadgets built for Sites may be used by all viewers of a site.

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