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It will make you look more sincere and more likeable. As human beings, we subconsciously tend to associate people with their environment.

” – GOOD For your profile pic, you really don’t need anything over the top. Just make sure you follow the tips I mentioned earlier in this blog post, then give it a final retouching using i Piccy. Upload your picture and click the button called “Fix Image”. In it, you’ll learn all my best strategies and techniques for meeting girls and getting them hooked on you.That being said, stay away from these weird angle photos.You might think they look cool, but they distort your appearance really badly. What about a stream of dates leading to a week of nonstop bedroom gymnastics? No clicks, no interest—and most importantly, no dates.Either way, you have to maximize your opportunities, and online dating is a great way to do just that. Chances are you’ve gone online, created an account at one of many dating sites, slapped together a few lines and a quick profile pic, crossed your fingers and hoped for the best. On the flipside, so many people are getting it wrong that you’d be at a tremendous advantage if you made some improvements.

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Also, when taking photos, always try to apply the Rule of Thirds. What really screws this guy up though, is the opening phrase, “Well… Someone who enjoys going out or staying in to have a good time. You might as well say “I enjoy women who enjoy things.” He also enjoys nature, sports, and cooking good food. If you want a woman to write back to you after reading your profile, your description about yourself had better be interesting, humorous, intriguing, clever, thoughtful and well-written. Remember, the 3 things a woman sees first are your headline, your main photo, and your personal description.

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