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This article was co-authored by Klare Heston, LICSW.

Klare Heston is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Ohio.

Listerman calls the girls his “chickens”; he poses for photos with kebab sticks of grilled poussins: “Come to me if you’re after chicken,” his advertisements say. Whenever I look for a vein of sadness in Oliona it melts away.

Oliona lives in a small, sparkly new apartment with her nervous little dog. As a director it’s my job to catch her out, find a chink, pull the emotional lever where her façade crumbles and she breaks and cries.

Usually Oliona wouldn’t even think of talking to me, one of those impossible-to-access girls who would bat me away with a flick of her eyelashes.

But I’m going to put her on television, and that changes everything.

The apartment is on one of the main roads that leads to billionaire’s row, Rublevka. No biggie.”Oliona’s relationship with the Pushkin-loving Forbes didn’t last long. But she just turns and twists and smiles and shimmers with every color. If she loses her sponsor she’ll just start again, reinvent herself, and press reload. the clubs get going properly; the Forbes stumble down from their loggias, grinning and swaying tipsily.

Rich men put their mistresses there so they can nip in and visit them on the way home. They are all dressed the same, in expensive striped silk shirts tucked into designer jeans, all tanned and plump and glistening with money and self-satisfaction. Everyone is wrecked by now and bounces around sweating, so fast it’s almost in slow motion.

He doesn’t call himself a pimp (that would be illegal), but a “matchmaker.” Girls pay him to introduce them to rich men. His agents, gay teenage boys, search at the train stations, looking for long-legged, lithe young things who have come to Moscow for some sort of life. You know, sometimes I get confused, I can’t even tell which one I am, the nice girl or the bitch.” This isn’t said dejectedly but as always softly detached, like she thinks about herself in the third person.In return the sugar daddy gets her supple and tanned body any time he wants, day or night, always rainbow happy, always ready to perform.“You should see the eyes of the girls back home. “‘Oh, so your accent’s changed, you speak like a Muscovite now,’ they say. Gone back to mummy.”But her sugar daddy promised her a new car three months ago, and he still hasn’t delivered; she’s worried he’s going off her.“Everything you see in this flat is his; I don’t own anything,” says Oliona, peering at her own apartment as if it’s just a stage set, as if it’s someone else who lives there. The guys and girls look at themselves and think: “Did that really happen to me? With all the Maybachs and rapes and gangsters and mass graves and penthouses and sparkly dresses?Well, fuck them: that just makes me proud.”“Could you ever go back there? And the minute the sugar daddy gets bored with her, she’s out. ”Excerpted from Peter Pomerantsev's new book, Nothing Is True And Everything Is Possible: The Surreal Heart Of The New Russia (Public Affairs, November 11).They usually feel entitled to the best that life has to offer without working for it.If you are looking for a genuine romantic connection, it’s a good idea to watch out for gold diggers and avoid them.

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