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My wonderful fans bought photos, paid for web cam shows, and donated money so I could get a boob job and tummy tuck. I am humbled and my heart is warmed by my fans’ love and devotion.

I know I don't look "exactly" like I did before becoming a mom, but I have faith that my fans will see beyond the physical differences and look to how much I still enjoy having sex just for fun on camera. Even though I always swore I'd never get that surgery, now that I have it, we're enjoying a lot around here. As it sits now, I’m getting my web site together and taking control of the projects myself this time around.

I'm still fighting with the people that have all of the stuff from my original cytherea.com, and hopefully that will all work out some day.

For now, I'm starting over from scratch, and so far I'm loving every minute of it.

When Belladonna attacked me, I knew I wanted to make Adult films! I pretty much just walked into the studio one day and was given a show.Ultimately, I really hope my fantastic fans can reap what they have sowed with all the help they've given me — in money, faith, and inspiration.I am going to have the sexiest, nastiest, squirting-est web site in the world. Then, as you may have heard, Brian and I had a very bad breakup.I do want to say that I'm very thankful that the Industry came together to help me detox and to help me move away from that environment.

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