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It seems like the majority of “normal” dudes think commenting on a girl’s photo is way too thirsty, judging by my research.Andreas said he rarely comments unless it’s a good friend, and Justin said he hardly comments unless he’s drunk and “really feeling the pic.” Alex, 22, says he avoids commenting on photos because it makes him look thirsty before he even gets a shot.A dude following you on Insta is similar to him Snapchat requesting you: you assume it means he wants to see more of you. “Generally, [I’ll follow a girl] if I think she’s hot and it appears on suggested friends,” says Jarett.“I’ll only look a person up to add if I hooked up with them or something.” He adds that usually this means he wants to hook up again, but just because he wants to hook up with a girl again doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll look her up on Instagram.“I usually I don’t comment on anyone’s IG unless we’re friends in real life,” he says. Have a good day.'” It’s kind of funny that guys think girls’ actions are just as ego-motivated as their own, but that’s another topic. If not then, hey, we might have a dope conversation or lead to something.” Basically, if a dude comments on your pic, there’s a good chance he means it.“If a new girl I haven’t hooked up with posts a selfie and I comment a heart emoji or something,’ it gives away any advantage of spontaneity I might’ve had later on.” Adam, 23, figured commenting isn’t worth it because he’s just going to be another thirsty guy. Greg also argues that commenting could actually help him seal the deal, and calls the fact that most dudes refrain from commenting “untapped territory.” “If you only like [the picture] then you’re one of hundreds, but the chick only gets like, 10 or so comments,” he says, acknowledging that it sounds douchey. There’s also a good chance that he feels comfortable enough with you that he doesn’t mind looking like one of “those guys” who comments.“I was liking artsy photos of a girl from back home and she’d be like, ‘really?

Some guys claim they like pretty much everyone’s photos, but many admit they’re much more apt to like a pic if it’s a girl that they’re attracted to.He can argue that liking other girls’ photos is harmless, which is debatable on its own.And according to most of these guys, commenting is clearly a little more serious.Justin felt similarly, but only if his girl was liking pics of actually attainable dudes.“If it was some celebrity or model or whatever, then [I wouldn’t care], but if it was a mutual friend or one of my boys and it happened consistently, I’d probably care,” he says.

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