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A temperature below freezing can kill cannabis seeds.When you’re ready to grow your plant, expose the seeds to light and moisture.The seeds themselves are fairly hardy, and should be able to survive well in a dark, cool place, given stable temperatures. Here’s why you need to protect your seeds: They can die, meaning they never grow into a harvestable plant.

Beneath its waxy coat lies a tiny dehydrated plant (comprised of the root, stem, and two leaves), just waiting to be exposed to moisture and warmth.

Be that as it may, sometimes you might run into a problem you just can’t fix.

Be prepared for every stage of your plant’s life by learning about the different needs and behaviors throughout their lifecycle. Cannabis uses sexual reproduction to create seeds and spread them.

As I have said, I love teaching others to grow marijuana.

That’s why I’m going to teach you what to expect throughout a cannabis plant’s life.

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That exposure will activate a series of hormones within the seed and kickstart the growth process. A single root grows down and splits open the outer shell of your seed, then reaches downward into the soil in search of water and nutrients.

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