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I wish I was there sucking you off, making you cum in my mouth.”Ah, it’s Tom, her on-off boyfriend. She continues, “Imagine you’re fucking me hard from behind, your balls slapping my bum.

Mmmm baby, I’m getting wet just thinking about you.”This is all so surreal, what do I do?

I feel my orgasm approach fast and I just manage to pull myself out of her, covering her sexy bum with a huge load of my thick come, which I massage into her skin. She licks me clean, even squeezing my head to get the very last droplet out of me.“Hmmm, that was so fucking dirty, Rob.

It had been a late night which had found it’s way into early morning.

I need cock, right now.”I soon have my trousers and boxers around my knees as I get behind her and squeeze my bone hard dick into her from behind.

She is so wet that my whole length is all the way inside her. Her gasps of pleasure are getting louder as I quicken my strokes, giving her everything.

I pushed her nightie roughly up and was about to start her punishment, when an even better idea came to me.“I’m sorry, Amy, but I think as you’ve been such a dirty, naughty girl that I’m going to have to slap your bare bum, and not through your knickers."“Oh god, yes please, Rob.

Don’t hold back.”She seems to be up for it, so I decide to really give it to her.

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I roughly pull her knickers down and off, a gasp of surprise left her lips as I did so. Between them her light brown pussy hair covers her pouting labia. “Oooh god that hurt, you bastard.” I ignore Amy and continue punishing her. Her cheeks are now a crimson colour.“Don’t stop, hit me again, you fucker. There’s a bottle on the shelf over there.”I grab the bottle of baby lotion and squirt a large amount onto her bum and spread it with circular strokes.“Oh god that feels fabulous, put more on Rob, really cover my arse.”I do as she asks, her bum is now glistening with the lotion which I massage deeply into her skin.“More, more Rob, I love it.”So the lady wants more?

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