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Once you have a simple application set up, this page will take you through VS Code debugging features.To bring up the Debug view, select the Debug icon in the Activity Bar on the side of VS Code. The Debug view displays all information related to debugging and has a top bar with debugging commands and configuration settings.In order to start a debug session, first select the configuration named Launch Program using the Configuration drop-down in the Debug view.Once you have your launch configuration set, start your debug session with , and selecting the configuration you want to debug.The VS Code Status Bar is purple if you do not have a folder open.) to find out which attributes exist for a specific debugger. Do not assume that an attribute that is available for one debugger automatically works for other debuggers too.On the other hand, if you come from a server or desktop background, it's quite normal to have your editor launch your process for you, and your editor automatically attaches its debugger to the newly launched process.

VS Code maintains a debug session while the program is running, and pressing the Stop button terminates the program.VS Code keeps debugging configuration information in a Open Folder) and then select the Configure gear icon on the Debug view top bar.VS Code will try to automatically detect your debug environment, but if this fails, you will have to choose it manually: Here is the launch configuration generated for debugging: Note: You can debug a simple application even if you don't have a folder open in VS Code, but it is not possible to manage launch configurations and set up advanced debugging.A Logpoint is a variant of a breakpoint that does not "break" into the debugger but instead logs a message to the console.Logpoints are especially useful for injecting logging while debugging production servers that cannot be paused or stopped.

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