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Director: Zachary Weintraub In 1936, Edward VIII abdicated in order to marry the woman he loved, Wallis Simpson, a twice-divorced American. They're young, wild and rebellious, like young people anywhere and in any time.

Director: Alante Kavaite A serial killer walks the streets of Whitechapel, London, attacking and killing women, which later came to be known as the 'Whitechapel murders' stretching from 3 April 1888 to 13 February ...The territory of Vilnius Lower Castle, which includes the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, is not a random site, but one with a continuous chronology going back to the first historical mention of Lithuania’s name (1009) and extending throughout the period of Lithuanian statehood.Until the end of the 14th century, the Vilnius castle complex consisted of three castles: the Upper (Aukštutinė), the Lower (Žemutinė) and the Crooked (Kreivoji).Giedrius is released after serving a long 12 year sentence for unlawful conduct he did with his friends while being a child.Director: Ramunas Rudokas In this TV remake of the classic German war film, 16-year-old Walter and his friends are recruited to help defend a bridge near their town.

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