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If microbes could have committed crime, they would done it instantly; the little rogues lacked the means to be felons, not the ruling mephitic desire. The International Museum of Defecation This important new museum in a suburb of West Peoria, Illinois houses the extraordinary, bizarre and even very forgettable feces of many living or dead species that have walked the Earth. In this heartfelt testimony Bourbon realized one day that life itself that was spewing out crime in a universal cloaca, not merely humans. Son of a bitch robot bastard motherhumping, motherpumping, motherdumping motherfucker! One is always below three ample floors of a library which has culled all the unimportant and badly written illuminated books of the period from ashes and landfill.

A billionaire from his three-headed corporative coups, Purvis was six time governor of Arkansas, having not three but nine different branches of bureaucratic rulers all presiding over the same juggernauts. Is it a taste, a compulsion, a virtue, a legitimate act, a religion or a merely a niche market business? Do even our torturers who set up prisons to stifle the wicked demand such actions from their prey?

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E.14th St 9E New York, New York 10009 212-995-0299 [email protected] Of Spam A Collection of Trash By Matthew Paris Table Of Contents: 1. Plainly, Bourbon thought, a purging chemical that would destroy all life was necessary to put a decisive end to crime. He came up with a powerful and merciless venom made cheaply from rotten potatoes that would utterly eliminate life from humans to viruses from our planet. I don’t need a fucken hole in your fucken Westminster Abbey. I’m going to piss and flush you away, motherfucker, like dead dog wine. There is on the massive first floor the celebrated Alberta Tyrannasaurus dungheap, a gift from the estate of Lord Elgin of the Parthenon marble bequest’ it is a great clot of ossified reptile manure left by what seemed to have been an extended family of the famous saurians in the early Jurassic period when Canada was a tepid swamp.

This month features the work of Cynthia Monk of the so-called Alabama “invisible school”.

The modern materials of our third floor feature the achievements of artists depicting the French Revolution none of whom could not draw, musicians tone deaf, nearly imbecilic writers whose pages read like a shuffled dictionary of disagreeable clichs, absurdities and banalities, and several broken clay toys fashioned of dogs.

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