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These are the same ideologies that globalists are using now. Unfortunately and they know this and it is why they are shifting to under 13 market.What adults remain will be the ones they make money from. A social mobile app for i OS, Android and Amazon devices.BTW how is anyone suppose to play and be who they are if you suppress people on a game that is intended to be social.

You all removed relationship status and interested in because you don't want to promote dating and relationships.I hope they're happy, they just lost another player.(I has also been playing for 3 years but the sent me other the edge.)What is scary is that they are trying to control a perfectly natural behaviour that humans exhibit and making it into a dirty nasty thing.I think there is a difference between not wanting to make dating/romantic relationships the main focus of the game and not wanting to allow them to happen at all.I get the sense that LKWD would rather focus more on Avakin Life being something more than just a "dating app" (for instance, there's lots of potential for role play here, for social interactions, for collecting and decorating homes, participating in the various events and minigames, and showcasing one's fashion and decor sensibilities), but not necessarily that they are trying to prevent people from dating or forming any close relationships at all, ever, end of story.

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