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“I have every intention of being buried there someday, but life changes sometimes, and I think if I were remarried I would want that last name also on my headstone.

I don’t think that has any effect on how I feel about my husband, but a lot of people thought that made a difference,” she says.

Research published in the Journal of Marriage and Family in 2004 found that widowers’ interest in dating or remarriage depended on the amount of social support men received from friends.

Six months after the death of a spouse, men with low or only average support were more interested in remarriage than other widowers.

When he shut the car door, “I started bawling right there,” she says. “A thought came to me: Shannon’s progression wasn’t stopping just because she passed away, so I needed to find a way to move past her loss and not stay stuck for too long,” he says. Comer compares the process to playing a video game.

“You get to a certain level, and you feel really good about yourself, and then the video game crashes and you have to start all over again,” he explains.

These findings help explain why some older widowers I know have carved out lives for themselves without the slightest interest in dating or remarriage.

(Younger widows were more likely to wed than older ones.) And the U. Bureau of the Census estimates that 10 times more widowers than widows find a new mate.“Single adult wards feel uncomfortable because I'm not exactly single, but I'm also not married, and I'm in a completely different place in life than most young singles,” Monk-Sproul says. You need to do what you feel prompted to do, and there’s no one that can tell you what the right answer is, including myself.’”The pressures to date and remarry are there, but ultimately, as Hill says, “We all have our own stories, and I think it’s important to do what feels good for you and not what everyone wants you to do. Maybe [you] won’t ever want to re-date and remarry, and that’s okay too.”Two years after Mark’s death, Hill still hadn’t gone on a date.On the other hand, being in a traditional ward as a single individual or parent comes with its own challenges and feelings of displacement that can emphasize the loss.“In my ward, I am the only single mother. your family feels broken, and not because of anything you did.”The subtle pressures from feeling misplaced can be heightened by opinions from family members, friends, acquaintances, and even the widows and widowers themselves. As a marriage and family therapist, she was well aware of the struggles that come with blending families, as well as the risks involved with introducing a new man into her children’s lives.Hanging in Tammy Hill’s home are three photographs: one of Tammy and Mark Mulford on their wedding day, one of Jeffrey and Juanita Hill on their wedding day, and one of Jeffrey and Tammy with their combined family of 12 children.Written in vinyl lettering on the wall beside the images are the words “All because four people fell in love.”Jeffrey and Tammy were both widowed fairly young, Tammy at 37 years old with four children (the youngest only 4 months old) and Jeffrey at 52 with eight children.

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I lost my partner 15 months ago and have felt no desire to restart another relationship. To me it feels as if all i would be doing is looking for a replacement which doesent seem right.

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