Dating weekend away

A pasta dinner conjures up love because of its cozy, comforting feeling.

For the sweet side, choose chocolate or ice cream, and end the meal with a sweet coffee drink to enhance the romance.

Eggs and bacon, french toast, berries and chocolate all make for a lovely, romantic morning away, too.

Since 1988, Mary Thomsen has been working on the "Valders Journal," a Wisconsin weekly newspaper.

A few habits you’ll learn about fast You’ve had the maid come by before each of your previous overnight dates, but she won’t be there to clean up after you on your getaway.

The romantic surprises can be smaller gestures, like having her favorite champagne waiting in the room for your arrival.

After all, it’s people’s quirks and idiosyncrasies that make them unique and interesting.

Steve Coogan’s Alan Partridge returned to screens last night in brand new show This Time with Alan Partridge.Or you really prefer to fall asleep with the television still on.Even if you’ve spent the night together a few times already, you’re bound to discover some new routines (and maybe even flaws) that were previously kept under wraps.Is your neat-freak girlfriend going to discover you’re kind of a slob when you’re shut up in close quarters together for several nights?Maybe you absolutely must eat breakfast before you can tackle any part of your day.

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“Ask yourself if what you fought about is a deal breaker or if how the other person fought was unacceptable.” Were you just tired from a long drive that got you into town at 2 a.m. Or is a more fundamental issue with the way you communicate with one another? Remember that travel adds another layer of stress and take that into account as you assess the situation.

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