Dating two co workers

“For instance, if an individual is seen as being given opportunities, access, or other favors that are not substantiated by merit or need, then it can create problems with staff morale.”It’s not just an issue between supervisors and subordinates.

“If you work in analytics, for example, and you’re sharing your analytic method with your partner but not your other co-workers, this could be a problem,” Baker says.

In this case, only the person who’s dating you gets the benefit of your expertise — which why it’s ideal for you not to be on the same team or department in the first place.

But if it’s unavoidable, then consider talking to your HR department, as they can help you figure out how to ensure fairness and organizational integrity.

Between Dwight and Angela, Andy and Angela, Michael and Jan, Michael and Holly, Andy and Erin, Gabe and Erin, and that one intern and Erin, the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company could put the sexed-up stars of your average soap opera to shame.

From a social (and ethical) standpoint, consider people who are already attached to be off-limits — no exception.

“Co-workers and bosses do not react favorably to relationships between married people,” Heathfield says.

While co-workers can be surprisingly supportive of office relationships, that won’t happen if they suspect you (or your significant other) of playing favorites.

“There might be the appearance of favoritism based on personal relationships,” Keels says.

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