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Chilean Spanish can be enough to throw any fluent Spanish speaker off, with the lack of pronunciation of ‘s’ in phrases such as mas o menos (“more or less”), becoming “mah-o-meno.” Changing grammatical rules such as not using vosotros (“you” plural) and replacing it with ustedes (usually “they,” now “you” plural as well) and replacing tu hablas (“you speak”) with tu habai.

If that doesn’t have you dumbfounded, the slang may well do.

” says the 98-year-old woman at the bus stop, as she shoves you out of the way to make room for her . Anyway, try these 10 obscene Spanish expressions on for size – actually, with all the variations, it’s probably more like 30. ”But it’s not to be taken literally…Usually you’d use this to say that something is really boring or annoying. Most commonly, it’s used as an exclamation to emphasize what you’re saying. or you could use it in the typical Spanish proverb “Tira más un pelo de coño que un carro de bueyes” – a pussy hair can pull more weight than an oxcart.(No Spanish girl has ever used the word coño in my presence except as an exclamation, if memory serves. I believe the most important thing there is the proper emphasis on the syllables. Don’t confuse this expression, in any case, with ¡Su puta madre! I put her on twenty finger / toenails – which is basically the same as mirando pa’ Cuenca without the geographical reference. But that’s neither here nor there for this discussion of obscene Spanish expressions.

And don’t forget to leave your favorites down in the comments. But maybe some day.)Speaking of your mom and things she’s never said to me, there’s also…“Of whore mother”, in Spanish, is actually a positive thing… which would be more appropriate if you’ve just mashed your thumb with a hammer. Continuing on, let’s head for…Also known as el quinto coño, el quinto pino or la quinta forca.

Remember several sentences ago when we were saying “la quinta puñeta” meant somewhere really far away? Next time you’re in a meeting with your boss at the language school, tell him “You don’t really expect me to go to at 8 AM, do you? They both mean “I’m drunk” – pedo is fart and trompa is an elephant’s trunk. For example: Tronco, me puse tan pedo en la fiesta que tiré los tejos a Mónica. Which of course leads to the question: why is throwing roof tiles (“tirar los tejos”) at someone considered to be seductive? But that’s what all the kids are saying these days. Wonderful reader Julio has pointed out that “tirar los tejos”, mentioned above, refers to a children’s game, and he’s right.

Well, you can also say “I live ” with the same meaning. Incidentally, I grew up in buttfuck myself, so I can say these things (with no offense to sodomites). ”Maybe we’ll get it in the OED sooner or later…Another good one: I hope you get fucked by a swordfish! And finally…It’s as important (to me) as three testicles – meaning it’s not at all important. I was thinking it was the same as “tejas” all this time.

Eggs are also used in a number of other Latin American Spanish slang words and expressions, particularly in Chile where , literally meaning “give me egg”, is a common turn of phrase and is used to mean “I don’t want to” or “the very thought is making me tired”. Che = Mate, buddy or dude (a word commonly used in Argentina which can also be used to grab someone’s attention or as a filler to keep an informal conversation going.

If this talk of eggs has gotten you a bit confused, then feel free to say “¿Y que huevada? Famous Argentinean Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara actually got his nickname due to his excessive use of the word.) Taco = A taco is not just a foodstuff in Latin America.

This word is is a turn of phrase many English speakers will know already, meaning “eating flies”.

Mino/mina can also be used to talk about young (usually attractive) men/women.

The fun thing about these obscene Spanish expressions is that the most unexpected people use them at the most unexpected times.“¡Me cago en tus muertos! It was my karate teacher’s favorite expression, back in the day. I’m unconvinced by the explanation – but it’s still a fun thing to say.

It can be intended as a rude term, especially if used with strangers, but it can be used among mates and be a term of endearment.

Wena on its own can mean “ok,” “good,” or “hi.”a comida es muy rica, meaning, “The food is delicious.” But in Chile, it’s also used to describe someone as sexy or attractive (literally delicious).

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Whether you want to insult someone, express extreme displeasure, or do it doggy-style…I’ve got an expression for you! In that case, though, why wouldn’t you just say “I put her mirando pa’ Meca”?

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