Dating someone who was sexually abused as a child

Then she told me about her affair that happened 2 years into our marriage. After 6 months of insanity and seeing someone in her I had never seen before I left the house.

Unfortunately, there is some truth to what many of you are saying -- abuse victims do have lingering problems.

I also became involved with another woman, a Sunday school teacher at my old church, who was (allegedly) abused bi her stepfather from the age of six (she claimed) - and that ended up in an OOP restraining order along with many stolen goods and hurt feelings of many involved including my children plus being kicked out of my church. No more untreated sexually-abused women for me, thanks.

Talk about a disaster whirlwind relationship full of lies and deceptions and multiple personalities... Take it from an 'expert' - trust me, it is not worth it... Ive been married to a woman that was sexually abused by her father and I just found out after 15 years of living hell. In fact have also now discovered that there is incest in her whole family.

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. All of the people that she was with up to me treated her horribly. I accepted her exactly how she was and expected nothing more from her than for her to be who she was. And she ended projected all of these things on me that weren't true.

She kept saying I was pushing her away when in hindsight, she was pushing me away.

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