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For busy professional singles, it can be tough to make time for dating in between meetings, conference calls and business trips.It’s difficult enough to squeeze in time to relax and unwind from a busy workweek – making time to meet people outside of the usual group of friends and colleagues can seem like an exhausting challenge.Here are some ideas for ways to get to know someone while balancing a busy work life: Take your work schedule into account: If you know it’s unlikely you’ll be out of work in time to make a 6pm drink, schedule a date you know you’ll be able to keep, like a lunch or an early morning coffee.Put your Blackberry away: Resist the urge to keep up with what’s going on at work by checking your phone every few minutes.

That way you won’t be tempted to check your email, allowing you to turn all your attention to your date.Be interested, not interesting: Listen to your date without interrupting.Ask polite questions and try not to bring the conversation back to yourself.Below we have listed some of the ultimate dating sites for professionals so that you can check them out and have a match for you as well!If you are being a professional then your main priority will not be to beat around the bush, but to get straight to the point.

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