Dating on the down low

Doesn't that really me -- "I'm sitting here in front a computer and imagining which celebrities I'd like to fuck? no one mentioned here so far is any big surprise IMO. Mace was Diddys little do boy until his Moms found out. Esposito although rumored bi is MUCH more het/pussy-centric than the "butcher" Dl guys listed above.

If that's the case, I wanna play."My List Of Celebrities on the Down Low."George Clooney, Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, Randolph Scott."Jees, I hope my wish comes true. Notice the not so subtle hand touching at , and then they proceed to hold hand through the rest of the segment. She promptly ended his rap career and forced him away from Diddy and back into the facts .. Actually it's difficult to pin-down black men since "straight" black men tend to be more open to part-time DL sex. I hate to concur with some of the worst stereotypes but many black men will fuck anything with a pretty face and a warm mouth, and that includes trannies if no one is looking.

Definite vibes between the two throughout the "interview"And I know Jesse L. Wendy Williams outed Q-Tip years ago back when she had a column. ask somebodydont get me started on Teddy Riley or that real close relationship between Red Man and Method Man Shemar Moore BIG ole mo. I suspect that would include about 90% of black entertainers (not that 50% werent gay to begin with) and likely even 70% of athletes. Power availability, access, under-cover wink-wink acceptability from other bruthas who got nookie while doing time, and the fact that guys tend to be better at deep throating. The article said I got 'caught.' I didn't get caught. I willingly went to Maui, with two girlfriends of mine. I had two girlfriends out there, and we wanted to go skinny-dipping."[/italic]Fucking hell, there's no hope is there. I don't know which of his publicists wrote that shit but they need to take classes in being less aggrieved.

Martin is gay from several friends who've worked with him - back in the RENT days and on Law & Order. Anyone trying to claim that Jesse is str8 is just... And of course with latins, while I would say that buttfucking a gay is at ALL a regular topic of discussion, they seem to be able to do a lot of kinky shit so long as they make it to confession once a month. 5', Says He Did Nothing Wrong Chicago Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. Plus the fact that running to People mag and justifying your existence over a bunch of beach photos most of the globe don't give a fuck about screams desperation.

R165, if you have any African(black) ancestry, parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, ect., you are African American or Black. Jesse's out to friends and Giancarlo's out to some friends. Vin is out pretty much only to the people he knew twenty years ago in off-off Broadway in NYC, and the people he fucks now. One of the reasons I like the song so much are those words, because there's really so little ambiguous songs out there about love with gay tendencies. I know that its been rumored, but I am not sure if I buy the rumors about them? Vin Diesel, according to, has Italian and black heritage. Usher NO: Denzel, Kanye, Ne-Yo, Q-Tip, Terrence, Eddie, 50, Laurence, Dr Dre., Prince, Arsenio, Shemar, LL. Yes: Usher, (BIG TIME flyin under so many radars), Tyson, Andre Harrell(thats where P. Maybe, dont have any real concrete evidence: Tyler, Will, DL (will be watching his show this weekend)Only four on that list are gay/bi. Also, that dead one who was in that movie with Debbie Allen. ..."Personally as a gay guy I took it he meant about sleeping with either a guy or a girl, but who knows, maybe he was singing about Anna Stesia. There are 2 on this list that I am not sure about, Janet Jackson and Alicia Keyes. Some have speculated on this board before that Jasmine Guy was on the DL. Paula Newsome was gay but not necessarily on the DL. Those are the only ones I can think of right off the top of my head. R105 and R110, according to the US definition of race, any person who has Black or African heritage makes the person Black/African-American. He appears to be Jehova's Witness and for some reason without knowing better I'd say JH's don't approve of gaydom."also casting couch for female costars. Martin is gay too Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys - gay. Something about there being DL men within the Trinity church of Obamas now infamous former church. If so, please share information.r86 - Janet Jackson wrote about a bisexual experience (Tonight's the Night) on her Velvet Rope album. For example, actress Jennifer Beal, CNN journalist Suzanne Malveaux and Soledad O'Brien, are just a few examples of this. But in any case Anna Stesia is a great song, and I don't really care whether Prince is bi or not. Came across some imfo that seemed to come from a credible writer on a political board. Have you heard rumors about specific people that these folks on the list have dated? Just because a person does not physically look black does not mean that they do not have black ancestry.

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