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That’s 20 minutes about how he thinks Helvetica is completely overrated and overused.Somehow the conversation eventually turned to grocery shopping and I mentioned how much I love Trader Joe’s. ” I’m confused and don’t actually remember how much I spend on tomatoes.

Initially I’d thought it would be so impressive that I had a vehicle, because it meant that we could go places and do things, but then he also had one, and I think he’d also felt the same way, and so neither of us were impressed.He then takes his shoes off and asks me if I can give him a back rub.I was finally ready to make my exit and made something up about how my dog was freaking out inside and that I had to go in and calm her down.This all sounded fine as we went about our first and second dates, getting to know each other and having a surprisingly good time. We had truly terrible sex and then she all but refused to leave my apartment.But on our third date, Sam mentioned her lease had fallen through and her roommate had bailed. I still pick up the pace every time I walk by her building on my way to the subway.

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