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To make this discovery, the Oxford team used a new optimised technique for radiocarbon dating of heavily contaminated bones.

This method relies on extracting just one of the amino acids from the collagen present in the bone.

They are perhaps the only Asians that are more often big breasted and curvy than not.

While a slightly thick body is predominant, there are a sizeable minority of Mongolian women that are elegantly tall and slender.

The amino acid hydroxyproline (HYP), which accounts for 13% of the carbon in mammalian collagen, was targeted by the researchers.

The age is later than the earliest evidence for anatomically modern humans in greater Eurasia, which could be in excess of 100,000 years in China according to some researchers.It falls within a group of modern human mt DNAs (haplogroup N) that is widespread in Eurasia today, confirming the view of some researchers that the cranium is indeed a modern human.Further nuclear DNA work is underway to shed further light on the genetics of the cranium.'This enigmatic cranium has puzzled researchers for some time', said Professor Tom Higham, who leads the Palaeo Chron research group at the University of Oxford.Their noses are well proportioned and have sufficient bridge between the eyes.Their skin is naturally porcelain white – only tanning when working outdoors or flushing in the cheeks from the cold.

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Most striking are their high and wide cheek bones coupled with sharp, deeply cut eyes.

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