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Let him follow his gut, and remember, you want to be with a man who makes his kids a priority!In my personal opinion, “meeting the kids” is not something that should be taken lightly.You may feel awkward at events as the new girlfriend, especially around those who knew your boyfriend while he was married.There can be a major transition period – just know it does pass – it does get better!I can’t say what I would have done if he said that he didn’t want any more kids, but my gut says, it would have been a deal breaker for me. It’s easy to look in on stepfamily life and talk about how you will do things, and how you will to react to situations that come up.

I love being a stepmom and I am grateful for my stepkids every single day, but straight up, they flipped every single aspect of my life upside down, in ways that not everyone would be okay with! Whether you like it or not, in most cases, this woman will play a role in your life. The way she acts, reacts and approaches parenting/co-parenting, WILL affect you.

This is often the most frustrating thing for stepmoms.

It may be difficult for your boyfriend to find balance between you (his dating life) and them (his family life).

So, this one’s for the women dating men with kids…. but there’s a lot more, not so glamorous parts, about it.

Don’t just think about the fun afternoons out at the movies or hanging out at the park when you first start dating.

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I remember at the beginning my husband felt torn between the “two lives” – he desperately wanted to spend all his time with me, but also wanted to spend all his time with them.

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