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I never understood why people lie about their age on their profiles.

The women you are deceiving are actual human beings, even if they are "just" online.

If you really are 47, maybe you need to recalibrate your expectations in life. Any quality woman would drop you the second she finds out, and it isn't going to stop the older women from messaging you. This is why I think it's a good idea that OP either figures out a way to date much younger or goes overseas. I lie online all the time because I use dating sites exclusively for sex.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a man trying to date younger. I have absolutely no connection to them IRL so it won't affect me and I have no interest in anything long-term with them.

I couldn't get past it even though we had lovely conversations prior to meeting. I believe that you are the one that I was talking to yesterday that specifically stated that you only date tall, good-looking guys online (and IRL).

Most of these are clustered around Peachtree Street in the Downtown, Midtown, and Buckhead neighborhoods, with the suburban city of Sandy Springs also being the site of several skyscrapers.

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In dating terms, I think some people do it because they think that "once they get a foot in the door" the other person won't mind that they fudged the numbers a little in order to get a date.

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  1. We wish you the absolute best in your search in this new year and pray you to find friendship, fellowship, love and possible the one God has planned for you! It would greatly improve by having the home button in the menu.

  2. The next thing she knows, she’s opening her mouth and agreeing to a “no strings” or “fun times only” relationship, or just a non-verbal dating contract that basically says: You date men without any direction or commitment, hoping for the best.