Dating in azerbaijan

Low crime rate and legendary hospitality make Baku one of the safest cities in the world where a young woman can walk home at night without risk or fear.

Women are also well-represented in politics, both in the executive branch on the ministerial level and in the legislative branch as members of the Parliament.

Upon gaining independence in 1991 Azerbaijan has retaken its rightful place in the global community.Azerbaijan’s geographic location at the crossroads of the Great Silk Way has long established it as the place where cultures met and prospered together.Then at the end of the 19 century came the oil boom, bringing investors and workers from all over the world to Azerbaijan to help develop the world’s new most precious resource.This year’s popular destination is peculiar because Azerbaijan is a predominantly Shiite Muslim country.With its proud tradition of tolerance and secularity, Azerbaijan is home to a small but energetic Jewish community and several larger Christian congregations.

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