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Get your head around living with HIV, and then step out into the world of dating.I’m so open about living with HIV that anyone who meets me usually knows already.It can take up to six months for some people to become undetectable from when they start treatment.” Being undetectable was really liberating for me and made me realise I really didn’t need to limit myself to solely dating other people living with HIV.I’ve dated a couple of people since I’ve been on medication and had one serious relationship with a HIV-negative person.

This means the levels of HIV in my blood were so low I wouldn’t be able to transmit HIV to a sexual partner.Your HIV status is actually a tiny part of everything that makes you the amazing person that you are.I try and get people I talk with to think about their sexual health and take responsibility for it.We met online after they read an article about me, and we started chatting.He had done his homework and was pretty clued up before we started dating.

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