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Audiences are split into four groups, each led on a unique a journey through NYU Skirball’s lobby, hallways, and out-of-the-way spaces where some of history’s most memorable messengers bring them tidings of bad news — and they do not spare the gory details.

Taken from the works of Aeschylus, Euripides, Sophocles, Racine, and Brecht, tragic monologues are spoken and sung in a harmonious chorus of English, interwoven with Greek, Latin, German, and French, with movement influenced by the Indian Kathakali tradition.

is an interactive homage to the importance of radical play for a healthy society. And the opposite of play is not work, it’s depression.

This 5th chapter of Nourishment delves into a myriad of questions and feelings surrounding religion, afterlife, spirit and soul.

Contact Level: Moderate (Familial); participants may be asked to help the performer bathe or wash her hair. We mean it this time: Broken Bone Bathtub is launching one LAST cross country tour. This cast needs to put itself to rest as Siobhan finds a place to land.Join us for the last time in the home of our wonderful, incredible host, James Broken Bone Bathtub is an immersive theatre project taking place inside a bathtub, in an actual home.But are they truly a gateway to another realm or simply the manifestations of our own terrified imaginations? Mo FE is a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience blending immersive theater, psychology, and virtual reality.Led by world-renowned mentalist Jason Suran, “The Other Side” is an intimate theatrical experience which offers the chance for 15 brave participants a night to attempt to answer that question at the historic five story Norwood Mansion in Chelsea. Suran will lead guests through the strange and unusual history of spiritualism all the while recreating the astonishing effects that helped spark the spiritualist craze over a century ago. In groups of six or fewer, you are guided through a 60-minute cerebral exploration that includes individual analysis, audio-visual stimulation, and dreamlike virtual reality curated to your individual psyche.

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When: September 28Where: Greenwich House School of Music’s First Floor Studio, 46 Barrow St, New York, NY, 10014Price: $29–39Tags: #immersivetheatre, #LARP, #fantasy, #puzzles, #interactive, #Contact Advisory, #Content Advisory, #Mobility Advisory (see below)“Private tuition available in Applied Esoterica and the Arts of Incantation for young adults of consequence and magical talent.

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