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Dating is a numbers game, and I totally understand that the more people we meet, the more likely the chances of chemistry and finding the right person.The advantage of meeting in person is that they would see you as any other guy, plus you’d be able to see whether you have chemistry.The guy who runs Transthetics has an essay that he wrote about trans guys dating straight women that I found really useful. I am on a couple of apps right now - looking for cuddle buddies and not a boyfriend - and I get a couple messages a day. you straight? This morning I have had five guys message me - two for what I am interested in, two too far away to do anything, and one guy who basically was like "I want to be naked with you."Also how are you saying you are trans? " I have a quick line of "I am trans, do not message me if you don't know what that means." In my years before my marriage and in the time since, looking for friends, that has been enough to keep getting messages from guys who are respectful and know that I am trans.

The way I cope with it is to tell myself that this is a filter to get rid of the small-minded people right off the bat.

Especially since I'm gay and I just assume it would be easier to date women than men as trans.

I think it's an issue with straight dating as a guy, compounded. All things being equal, why have someone who is 5'7" when 6'2" is on the table?

I have dating profiles on a few different websites.

For a long time, I thought people weren't interested in me because of the actual content of my profile (attractiveness, personality, etc).

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I am bi, and I do find more men are okay with me being trans than women, but the volume of messages/likes went up for both genders when I changed my profile.

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