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•Developing childrens motor skills are important when they are very young.Teaching your child these motor skills in the form of a craft or a game allows him or her to learn while also having family fun.Special tests detect fetal defects during a special needs pregnancy.•Children can have strokes, often caused by birth defects, infections (e.g.They create a safe space let of steam and just listen to one another. If not, start today by carving out time to have a romantic date with each other, get a hotel room, go for a long walk together, drink a bottle of wine watching the sunset, write each other a love note, or snuggle in bed a little longer in the morning. Balancing the family budget requires teamwork, especially when the added challenge of taking care of a special needs child comes your way. Little loving gestures made every day are what thread a successful marriage together.

•Safety during pregnancy - smoking, eating, drinking, self medicating, exercise and physical activities concerns.Parents of special needs children certainly know this is true. Make no mistake about it, caring for a special needs child is sometimes stressful beyond belief.Raising children with special needs challenges even the strongest marriage. Yes, finding time alone is challenging, especially when your special needs child requires a great deal of constant care. Don't let the negative impact shatter your marriage!Children with special needs bring so much joy to the world, but they also face unique challenges, as do their parents.This section will answer tough questions about special needs including Autism, Asperger Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, gifted children, post-traumatic stress, physical differences, and more.

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